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nuno felting

This scarf is handcrafted using  natural and handyed fibers from Merino sheep, Hucaya  alpaca and our own luscious pygora goats. 

felted wallets

Individually designed and crafted felt stitched on upcycled denim. One of a kind functional art.

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felted vessels

Through the process of wet felting, each piece begins by layering fibers flat and with hand agitation and heat the form is gradually created.

boho scarf

Incredible pieces of wearable art. The incorporated yarns are hand dyed and spun. These pieces are hand-felted using a variety of luxury fibers

paper earrings

Incredibly light in weight  and created from recycled paper pulps. Each is individually designed and painted.

freeform shawl

Wrap yourself in style! All yarn starts in the field. Shorn. process, hand dyed & spun. All shawls are original works of art. I create each piece organically combining a variety of crochet stitches.

card holders

Hand painted, stamped and stitched. Great for gift cards.

From goat to doll hair.jpg
the process

Home grown and loved pygora goats provide luscious cashmere like fibers.

Photo is of washing and dying this fiber.

hand spun yarns

The artist uses a variety pf techniques and fibers to produce her one of a kind yarns. 

night light

Hand designed and drilled each miniature gourd casts its own unique design

Kraft-tex Wallet
fiber wallets

Combining two fibers, felt and paper, these unique functional pieces of art are incredibly durable. The artist  creates each by hand.  Using her original felts and hand stitching, no two are never the same!

gourd work

Incorporating textures. This piece includes hand drilling and pyrography with palm leaf rim wrapped with leather cording. The hand made porcelain piece was created by the artists mother. 

art dolls

My art dolls are a combination of found objects and hand sculpting. No two dolls are ever alike! So much fun to create!

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