• Brenda Wagner Hines Hutchings

...wait and tweek.

This was written 2 1/2 years ago, and never published

Today, I put on the pair of boots I made. They aren't "right" but I'm tired of waiting til I get things "right". It seems that I do that a lot, wait, and tweek, and wait and divert. In the past, it has worked for me, maybe even kept me safe. Safe from criticism I couldn't handle, safe from praise that could go to my head, safe from failure, which now, is no safety at all.

Growing up, at age 53, seems so late. It is where I am at though, so that is where I will start. I have had a lot to learn, and even more that I haven't. But,don't we all? So, here I am today, with a goal, to re-begin. Thanks for being here!!! Big Love,Brenda #wetfelting #boots #alpacas #wool


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