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...blankies and twizzlers...

New beginnings, definitely go with new endings. Which comes first? Or is it simultaneous? It can be, but for myself, the new beginning began before the realization of the ending. We moved to Georgia!! AMAZING BEAUTY! AMAZING CHANGE!

All this during Covid, so we were already working remotely, we were already isolated from our society, friends and family. So one day, I wake up, in this strange new world, in this strange new State, in this strange new house and I realize I don't know where to sit to have my coffee. At that instant it hit, my whole world has changed, while staying the same. The following week was full of crying, blankie snuggling, as well as the necessary Twizzler and Albanese Gummmy consumption. (and yes brands make all the difference) It's grief. And that my friends is all part of the process. The process of living.

I am thrilled to say that my time of incapacitating mourning lasted only a week, but I believe that is due to having a spiritual path that I continue to traverse. I've had the blessing of being sober for 19 years now. (birthday was just this week!) And yes, I believe that my hardships have been blessings, as without them, I would not be in the life I am now. The Buddha knew his stuff, right?? Through suffering, there is life, a life worth living.

For myself, the keyword is through!

Big Love,


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