Love and Meditation.

I love the whole process! I have two Pygora Goats, Heath and Harley, and two beautiful alpaca, Geoffrey and Jeremy. While not all of my yarns contain these 4 guys, they are definitely inspired by them.

Raising the animals, sheering, skirting, washing, picking and carding - just the beginning of the yarn journey. The joy of sifting through my stash and choosing who gets to join the next creation is all part of the fun!

Meditation. The feel of the fibers gliding through your hands and fingertips. The methodical up down of the foot pedals, the little click my wheel makes with every third revolution. That my friends is my meditation practice. There’s nothing like it!

I hope you feel the big love and joy that goes into every skein!

*Please remember my yarn is processed by hand and may contain specs of vegetable matter.
*Color may differ slightly as every monitor and phone displays differently. I shoot in natural light and natural light bulbs.

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